Blackheads Are Nightmares From The Past

I have had blackheads for as long as I can remember and they have always bothered me. I tried all the “at home” scrubs and many so called specialised face masks. Nothing worked. It made me feel insecure and so self conscious.

Recently I tried the Beneva Black Mask , a deep cleansing peel-off mask made from Bamboo Charcoal, and dolls this is the BOMB. I have never seen a mask preform so well in removing my blackheads. Once you peel-off, they are completely gone.

1,2,3, simple as that!

The Beneva Black Mask takes away all your blackheads, dead skin, gross bacteria and other unwanted annoying imperfections. Of course ( since it is a peel-off mask ) you should hydrate your skin afterwards with your favorite lotion or cream to maintain moisture and prevent dryness. This is a very important step on your beauty routine, so invest time on it. Your skin will be glowing and super soft.

But seriously dolls if you want to go out and not be self conscious about your blackheads and / or imperfections I highly suggest picking up this mask ! DarlingYou APPROVED !

Stay tuned for a detailed Beneva Collection Review.

You can buy the Beneva Black mask here @


 Die tiefenreinigende Maske mit Aktivkohle. Hast du auch keine Lust mehr auf Pickel und Hautunreinheiten und deren Behandlungen, welche keinen Erfolg zeigen? Die Beneva Black Mask zieht die Mitesser wie ein Magnet aus deiner Haut. Schon nach einer Behandlung fühlt sich deine Haut spürbar geschmeidiger und sanfter an. Auch abgestorbene Hautzellen und Rötungen durch Pickel werden entfernt.

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