Are You Sleeping In Your Make-Up?

The scene is well-known: you come home exhausted and think, “Oh, I’m just going to sleep tonight in my make-up. I am so tired that I can’t bother to clean my face. I will take extra care of my skin tomorrow to compensate. Wrong! Very wrong! The worst mistake that will impact your skin for days to come.

Sleeping with makeup causes several problems: you can gain allergies, pimples, eye irritation. Truth is that it’s only the next day that you come to the conclusion that those 15 minutes you’ve “saved” just left unpleasant marks on your skin.

Your cleansing ritual is one of the most important steps on your beauty regimen, so don’t skip it, no matter what. Make it an enjoyable and relaxing time for you.

Why does sleeping with make-up is so bad?

Sleeping in makeup is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. The products clog the pores and do not allow the dermis to breathe properly. And we mean all products, no exceptions at all. In the medium term, the skin will lose its viscosity, its glow, and it will become more oily. Be aware of the scariest of all problems:  the aging ends up accelerating. This is not what you want, is it? We certainly don’t.

Spending so much time with the products on the face only increases the risk of a contact allergy. We already spend a minimum of 8 hours a day wearing make-up products, so night time should be a resting time for your skin. Even mineral makeup, which  tends to cause less allergy because its particles are very small, does harm to the skin if not removed, because the pores close and the skin does not breathe as it deserves. It is only worth sleeping with night creams that will recover, treat and nourish your skin while you sleep.

Step One: You must invest in a good make-up remover

Ideally, you should have a good quality face make-up remover, one that will not only remove your foundation but that will as well remove completely your eye pencil, Kajal, eyeliner, mascara and eye shadows. These products are well pigmented, so removing them is much more complicated specially if they are water proof.

Sisley products are a great option because they don’t leave remains of makeup behind and they are also cruelty free products. You can even opt for a combination of make-up removers.

Important tips: If you are away from home or traveling, and you forgot your beauty supplies,  it is worth using baby shampoo or organic coconut oil to wash your face. And 12 hours is the limit of time that your skin can be made up. More than that is exaggeration. And exaggeration clogs the pores and causes all those evil problems to the skin.

Once your skin is cleaned and if you have that extra time before going to bed, Le Masque Switzerland offers you a variety of masks that will revitalize your skin after a long day of work.

The step by step cleaning

Start with your eyes. Put the eye makeup remover on a piece of cotton and close your eyes. Massage it gently and never with your eyes open so as not to irritate or carry debris from make to the inner area of ​​your eyes. The cool thing is to have patience and repeat the process until you feel that you have no products in your eyes.

After that, pick up a clean cotton cloth and put on the face the make-up remover. Same thing: just stop the process when you feel that everything is clean.

Always remember : maintaining a cleansing routine will give your skin the love it deserves.

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