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Do you know how to layer your skincare? Usually, after I arrive from my training, I take a shower and jump immediately into my skincare. NO excuses, even during COVID lockdown. Your routine should be the same, even while in home office days. This is how it goes:

1. Cleanse/ Rinse ( usually I cleanse twice, even in the morning, first with a cleansing oil and then with a cleansing milk )
2. Toner
3. Serum
4. Face Oil
5. Eye Cream
6. Face Cream
7. Face Oil touch up (when my skin is extra dry)
8. Sunscreen ( yes, at last )

Sometimes though, I am so stressed out in the morning before training that I rely on some skincare hacks. I am training on water, all year round, so every single day my skin is under the impact of all elements. Sun, rain, cold, wind to say the least. Sunblock and face cream are mandatory before I step out of the house but sometimes, as I am a very early bird, I have no time for much before hopping into my car, so my skin is saved by some good skincare hacks.

“Keep some ride or die essentials close to your sink.”

When I wake up and spot a zit on my face, I quickly cleanse my face with Omorovicza MOOR CREAM CLEANSER. If I have a spot on my décolleté area, I will use it as well. This cleanser is simply a godsent. (Rich in calcium and magnesium, while an aroma-therapeutic blend of essential oils helps to keep pores healthy to reduce breakouts and imperfections).


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For the face and body, I mix some products when I lack of proper time for a longer skincare routine. I use the Nooii Hand and Body Lotion on my face as a first layer (the organic rosehip seed oil is rich in vitamin A, improves the elasticity of the skin and makes it supple), then I add some drops of my JK7 24H Cream Day & Night Face Care. 

The second round is on the body, a very thin layer as my skin is dry and needs constant nourishment. On my face, the sunblock seals the deal even during winter time.

Fla, Yours Truly.


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