An extraordinary magical experience with Genaissance de La Mer

With the pure and highly concentrated Crystal Miracle Broth, Genaissance de La Mer keeps the promise of turning back time. The skin is transformed with extraordinary power and speed.
Inspired by the sea and the never-ending search for perfection, La Mer has created an incomparable skincare experience with Genaissance de la Mer. It began with a unique discovery that sparked the quest of age for ageless beauty.
The Serum Essence is the first breakthrough care in the new Genaissance de la Mer collection and is built on the exceptional, pure Crystal Miracle Broth, which accelerates the skin’s natural renewal process. Lines and wrinkles appear diminished, the skin texture significantly smoother. Natural collagen and elastin are activated, the pores refined and the skin barrier strengthened. In a short time the rejuvenating effect is revealed – the skin appears visibly like newborn.

Genaissance de la Mer


Genaissance de La Mer is a hand-processed Luxurious, silky serum essence that blends effortlessly with the skin. A truly sensual experience begins as soon as the concentrated, enriched with active ingredients care is taken and their full effect unfolds. Renewal is activated day after day, the complexion appears more even and clearer – with a new radiant power.


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The Crystal Miracle Broth, the purest concentration of the Miracle Broth, is carefully handcrafted in extremely small series. It is then
developed full force. It provides the skin with
a powerful continuous energy boost that helps to renew the appearance of the skin with impressive speed. This power concentrate visibly reduces irritation and promotes the natural healing properties of the skin.

The Genaissance Ferment is built on the rare Pom Pom algae, a natural power plant found in the shallow waters around Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea. La Mer uses a sustainable form of this alga, which is cultivated in a bioreactor. This process accelerates growth and produces a higher quality and purer form of Pom Pom algae than that of nature. Reinforced by natural light wavelengths and 24-carat gold, the algae transform into a highly active ferment that stimulates natural collagen and elastin production. This in turn helps to firm up and smooth out the appearance of the skin.

The Smooth Finish Ferment consists of the Sweeping Leaf Brown Alga, also called Laminaria saccharina, the “Retinol of the Sea”. It helps to transport the important active ingredients deep into the skin surface. The new dual-action ferment accelerates the natural renewal of the skin, providing firm and refined pores and a radiantly smooth and full-bodied appearance.

La Mer

THE MIRACLE BROTH – 50 years ago, Dr. Max Hubers discovered his original, legendary product. After he was severely burned in a laboratory accident, he tried to change the appearance of his skin through the physics and healing powers of the sea. After more than 6000 experiments, 12 years ago the Miracle Broth was born – the discovery of his life. To develop this essence, La Mer carefully fermented seaweed with other naturally derived active ingredients
in the course of 3-4 months. The energies of Light and sound support this unique fermentation process to enhance the effects of the ingredients.

Genaissance de la Mer – a serum for timeless beauty that specifically helps to minimize any signs of aging. Use it day by day – today, tomorrow, a lifetime. You skin will thank you!


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