An Exceptional Anti-Ageing Bomb

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What’s new in Anti-Ageing

Preventing the appearance of wrinkles

Pure Retinol,
An Exceptional Anti-Ageing Bomb

Not all types of retinol are the same. Pure retinol is stronger and particularly effective. This reference active ingredient for anti-age treatments makes it possible to regenerate both the dermis and the epidermis. The epidermis looks perfectly moisturized, brimming with hyaluronic acid, and its cells are renewed at an optimal pace. The stratum corneum is at once supple and radiant. In the dermis, the amount of collagen increases considerably and restores your skin tone. Recently Shiseido has even discovered that pure retinol has a particular effect on type III collagen, which diminishes drastically from the age of thirty. Its flaw: it’s too unstable. After 30 years of relentless research, Shiseido’s laboratory has managed to stabilize pure retinol-infused treatments in completely air-tight packaging. It was such an incredible breakthrough that it was praised by the Japanese Ministry of Health.

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by Dr Nathalie Broussard
Scientific Communication Director at Shiseido.

Shiseido presents its latest scientific breakthroughs which help to slow down the effects of the passing of time. An essential target factor can be found at the heart of these discoveries: collagen. Review of the innovations to boost its production, slow down its decay, improve its organisation. Without forgetting the right reflexes to be adopted starting from now for skin that stays younger for longer.

The Discovery

Over time, the stratum corneum stiffens while the dermis sags as collagen decreases. The worse it is, the more this gap in firmness between the different skin layers accentuates the appearance and visibility of wrinkles.

The Right Attitude

Adopting treatments which have a double effect: softening the stratum corneum with emollient ingredients and improving the firmness of support layers by boosting collagen synthesis. Also important: identifying wrinkles which are likely to be the first to set in by pulling faces in front of the mirror so as to detect creases, or by observing your mother. It may be the right moment to add a targeted corrective treatment to your daily skincare routine, to be applied specifically on wrinkles before they deepen and become permanent.

+ The Targeted Treatments

The Vital Perfection LiftDefine Radiance Serum combines Aqua Lock Oil which softens the stratum corneum with a watercress extract which helps to lift and tone skin.

In addition, the Intensive Wrinkle- Spot Treatment targets deep wrinkles through a reference active ingredient: pure retinol which has a positive effect both on the stratum corneum and the deeper layers of skin.

Step 1:

Discover a fresher, more youthful look. Experience tightening, lifting and revitalized skin radiance with an effective face serum. This multi-benefit serum delivers quick lifting, firming, and contouring results in a lightweight, non-greasy serum. Instantly, skin appears radiant and rejuvenated.

– LiftDefine Radiance Serum

Step 2:

This targeted spot treatment, with rapid Pure Retinol technology, delivers effective, proven results for smile lines, deep wrinkles, and dark spots.

– Intensive WrinkleSpot Treatment



Monitoring the eye area

The Discovery

The very special organisation of collagen fibres in the eye area. Indeed, in the upper dermis type I and III collagens are orientated in a random way creating a mattress-like supple and elastic layer. On the other hand, in the deep dermis type I collagen follows the direction of the orbital muscle and creates a rather rigid layer. From the age of thirty type III collagen deteriorates at a fast pace and the supple layer of the upper dermis becomes increasingly thin until it almost disappears completely. This major loss of density leads to sagging, the appearance of wrinkles and especially the worsening of under-eye puffiness giving you a tired look.

The Right Attitude

Boosting collagen synthesis, in particular type III collagen. To this end we use treatments infused with active ingredients, such as retinol, which take care of our fibroblasts and stimulate them. To prevent under-eye puffiness from lasting we also boost the tone of eye muscles which, by contracting, enable good fluid circulation. 2 options are possible: biologic active ingredients which stimulate the activity of muscle cells and contribute to draining, or a mechanical action produced by face gymnastics and hand pressures.

+ The Targeted Treatments

To act on all the factors behind puffiness (muscular atony, fluid stagnation, fat accumulation and skin sagging), we recommend the Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Eye Cream which combines the Kurenai TruLift complex—composed of 3 plant extracts including one derived from safflower—and retinol to effectively target skin sagging and tone loss. For an instant action, you can count on the Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Express Eye Mask which contains pure retinol, the most active of all.

Step 3:

Visibly improve firmness around the eyes. With this silky rich, lifting eye cream, fight the signs of fatigue for a firmer, brighter, and revitalized eye area.

– Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Eye Cream

Step 4:

This retinol under eye mask visibly lifts and firms in just 1 week. Immediately see a more radiant eye area, while helping target dark circles, under eye bags and signs of fatigue.

New sheet shape covers broader areas around the eyes to target multiple concerns, while the cotton blend material helps hold and release more essence to the skin.

– Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Express Eye Mask

Doping your sleep

Experts recommend a minimum of 7 hours sleep per night. If you get less, it is bound to affect your organism—and skin. Research by Shiseido highlights the concrete negative impacts of sleep deprivation. Right from the first night, the barrier function is damaged and the transepidermal water loss increases with an almost instant effect on the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines caused by dehydration. Your skin looks rougher. In the long run, the acceleration of the collagen stiffening process—also called glycation—causes skin to sag considerably and wrinkles become deep-seated.

” Sleep is health …
But it’s also skin’s youth! ” 

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The Right Attitude

Before going to bed you should cover your skin with a moisturising lotion or serum which infuses a maximum quantity of water and overlay it with a night cream which counters glycation and supports the regeneration mechanisms weakened by lack of sleep.

+ Targeted Treatment 

The Benefiance Overnight Wrinkle Resisting Cream is a great ally because it includes a complex, the TENCHA R.E.M, which acts specifically on signs of ageing caused by sleep deprivation. Upon waking up your skin looks fresh, your complexion is glowing and looks rested.

Step 5:

Targeting a lack of resilience and the look of wrinkles trigged by the lack of sleep, this new overnight cream results in skin that is radiant and deeply hydrated. Featuring a mood calming floral fragrance, this night cream is a truly sensorial experience.

– Overnight Wrinkle Resisting Cream

Step 6:

Massage properties: Tones the face and relaxes all the muscles of the face. Helps fight against sagging skin.
Deeply stimulates collagen, helps to drain stored toxins, reactivates micro circulation. Eliminates puffiness and dark circles.
Smoothes and refines the skin texture, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. Improves the general appearance of the skin. Smoother and more radiant skin every day.

– Roll on Jade

Face Massage

Applying pressure to your face allows you to tone your skin. Indeed, research by our laboratory has revealed that vertical pressures stimulate dermal stem cell proliferation. This makes it possible to re-establish the dermal cell network connecting fibroblasts to one another.
In fact, a better organised network supports the synthesis of new collagen fibres and thus slows down tone loss and skin sagging. Shiseido has therefore developed a unique massage technique whose effectiveness on the production of fibroblasts and collagen has been scientifically proven.

The Right Attitude 

Apply a treatment all over your face, place the palms of your hands flatly on both sides of your chin, apply light pressure by moving vertically upwards toward your cheekbones, then return to where you started. Repeat three to five times: start by the centre of your face, then move to the middle and finally from the edges of your jaw toward the temples.


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