Amouroud Dark Orchid & Midnight Rose

Editor in Chief’s Favourites

Amouroud Dark Orchid

Deep woods keep dark secrets… Imagine a forest floor shimmering with mystical energy that radiates from petals of Black Gardenia and rare Spiced Orchid. Rich layers of Balsam and Vanilla conceal a whiff of both danger and mystery, making DARK ORCHID a phenomenal hypnotic and addictive treasure. A fragrance impossible to forget!

Amouroud Midnight Rose

Midnight Rose begins as a fragrance of gentle early morning roses sprinkled with fresh morning dew. Top notes of Lychee and Pomelo surround. The mid notes of lily and pure Red Rose jewel tones then begin to add a calming sensuality, as this complex perfume takes on the ripe and rich texture of a rare and glorious antique tapestry. Threads of warm dark-hued Oud anchor the composition with a veil that gracefully moves it towards the sumptuous effect added by final notes of Labdanum and Amber. Thus these early roses transform into a glorious night garden named MIDNIGHT ROSE. A magnificent scent that lingers long after midnight …

You can buy all Amouroud Fragrances at Osswald Zürich – Bahnhofstrasse 17, 8001 Zürich – or at the comfort of your own house at

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