Açaí for Athletes: the benefits and effects in training


aving a healthy eating routine can be essential to good exercise and further performance. In this sense, it is normal for some fruits containing superb nutrients to become a must have on a day to day basis.  One of them, açaí,  has been seen as a great option for athletes. In addition to being an excellent source of energy, the fruit has antioxidant properties and acts on the body’s free radicals. Thus, açaí is famous for contributing to the body’s good shape.

Açai for athletes

Açaí for athletes can be included in the pre- or post-workout diet. The choice will depend on the result sought by the individual. For those who want to keep or lose weight, the ideal is to consume Açaí in the pre-workout, to improve the performance of physical activity. The rule applies for aerobic exercises such as running, cycling and wrestling, and anaerobic exercises such as weight training. Açaí is perfect as well for sports where aerobic and anaerobic movements are combined, such as rowing. The fiber present in the composition of açaí helps in the body’s regulation.

Anyone looking for the pattern of hypertrophy, which aims to reduce body fat and increase lean mass, should consume a good amount of protein after exercise. In this way, açaí for athletes can help in the reconstruction of muscles. Açaí is rich in protein and helps to recover essential nutrients lost during training. Therefore, for this audience, it is important to be consumed after training. The ideal is to add it to a Vegan Protein”.

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