Absolue, The Lancôme Premium Skincare Line You Can’t Miss


In 2018 Lancôme reinvents its most luxurious skincare series, ABSOLUE, which with its extraordinary active ingredients, its transformative texture and its deep understanding of the needs of women, a French premium skincare line has been Newly defined.

A powerful, unique rose. Lancôme was one of the first cosmetic houses that created its own rose: the Lancôme rose. As a result of thousands of hybridisation, it was chosen for its beauty and robustness. This flower, transformed by the active ingredients produced exclusively for Lancôme in biotechnological processes, has a unique regenerative effect on the skin and it is found today in the heart of the ABSOLUE soft cream.

An evolutionary signature texture

Beyond its high efficiency, ABSOLUE wanted to push the boundaries of the premium care formulation and provide women with a transformative and surprising texture with a highly sensory experience. An unforgettable experience, where the beneficial effects of the ABSOLUE SOFT CREAM on the skin are felt.

A French creation
ABSOLUE guarantees the highest quality, based on the French know-how: from its rose created by the most famous French rose grower to the Formula created by the Lancôme laboratories in the Paris region and the special containers, which are also designed and manufactured in France.  A more balanced and conscious vision of luxury.

At the heart of the new grooming line and the ABSOLUE SOFT CREAM is an exclusive, rose-made complex of active ingredients: the Grands Extraits de Rose.

Biotechnology in the service of plants
To make the most of the Grands Extraits de Rose, Lancôme laboratories use biotechnological extraction techniques that give them high-purity ingredients that are more effective on the skin and more environmentally friendly.

An active ingredient trio that gives the rose a place of honour
The Grands Extraits de Rose consists of a rose complex that has a multiplied regenerating effect. First, the Lancôme Rose, which is in the form of native cells, then the Centifolia Rose and Damascene Rose, which occur as an essential or concentrated oil in the ABSOLUE SOFT CREAM.

A highlight of the regeneration for the skin
Each Grand Extrait de Rose has a specific effect on the skin. They are derived from Fermogenesis ™, a state-of-the-art process that allows the cells to remain intact and multiply, completely preserving their regenerating and rejuvenating effect on the skin.

The rose concentrate is obtained by a biotechnological process, the supercritical CO2, in which it is transferred from the gaseous to the liquid state without residues. Its anti-inflammatory properties are fully retained by this process.

ABSOLUE is also extremely rich in active ingredients. Lancôme has chosen an essential oil based on a cold distillate whose revitalizing, repairing and anti-inflammatory properties remain intact. Three to five tons of petals are needed for a drop of the precious cold distillate, which contains about 140 active ingredient molecules.

While the heart of the ingredients in ABSOLUE SOFT CREAM is a biotechnological masterpiece, its texture is a true polysensory wonder. The Lancôme laboratories have created an evolutive, innovative galenic for them, transforming any application into a unique experience.

The TtT wave
As soon as the ABSOLUE SOFT CREAM comes in contact with the skin, it undergoes a true transformation in three consecutive phases. After the easy application, the application gives a feeling of care, lust and immediate comfort on the face.

During the second phase, the formula immediately becomes fluid under the pressure of the fingers, releasing their moisturizing action and completely distributing all their active ingredients. It leaves a thin, cool veil on the skin surface and at the same time conveys the feeling of intensive care.
In the third phase, the formula thickens again, cushions the skin and gives it a silky and visibly recovered appearance. It shines with health and seems to shine from the inside.

From the formula, this polymorphic texture is explained by the fact that the skin is slightly salty thanks to its own mineral. The reaction of the ABSOLUE SOFT CREAM polymer in hydrophilic rose molecules. Then the fat-soluble molecules of the rose, the shea butter, the caring oils, the passion fruit, the marsh flower and the Apriko-senkern become active. The cream texture turns thin, melts on the skin, envelops it and gives it a lasting feeling of being nourished. It leaves a delicate, protective silk veil on well groomed and streamlined skin. An exclusive wave of transformation that the Lancôme Laboratories call Thick to Thin to Thick1.

For more on the ABSOLUE SOFT CREAM new skincare line, don’t miss our Beauty Editor review in the upcoming issue of the DÉSIRER SUISSE MAGAZINE.

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