A Vanilla Type of Gal

My love and obsession for perfumes began way back then when I first smelled the olfactive notes that my Nona ( grandmother ), an Italian immigrant, used to wear:  A Chanel No 5.

It is incredible how scents can take you to magical places and bring back so many memories in a fraction of seconds.

But my biggest obsession, the Niche Parfumerie,  started back in 2008.  I will share with you one of my latest discoveries: Vanitas Eau de Parfum.  

The Fragrance,  a precious vanilla scent, is sophisticated and complex, but still delicious and comforting. Vanitas opens with a chilly dose of myrrh, which is almost medicinal at first, but as it warms on the skin, its deep, resinous sweetness emerges and blends with the creamy warmth of truly excellent vanilla. Delicate orange flower enhances the high notes, and sandalwood adds a dark golden bass line – but the heart of this accord is the exquisite pairing of vanilla and myrrh. The myrrh adds mystery to all the luscious qualities we love in vanilla and brings in a dark sweetness that is not at all food like. Happily, it adds just enough of a cool edge to keep things intriguing, but not enough to overpower our beloved vanilla. Soft, enveloping and tantalizing – this is the grown-up vanilla I’ve dreamed about.

The interplay between the vanilla and the myrrh is fascinating, creating a complex bitter/sweet symphony on my skin. A scent that lasts a couple of days, my true scent of a woman.

Vanitas Eau de Parfum by Profumum Roma
Vanitas Eau de Parfum by Profumum Roma

Notes: vanilla, myrrh, orange blossom, and sandalwood

Vanitas is a gourmand delight. The Vanilla smells rich and decadent, with a citric sweetness from the orange blossom and some smokiness loaned by the myrrh.”

One of my favourite fragrances. I receive so many compliments whenever I wear it. Little did I know that I was a Vanilla Type of Gal.

Yours Truly,

Flavia – Editor in Chief


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