Tired of having a manicure done every week, I decided to get gel nails.  Yes, they look absolutely gorgeous for weeks so it was very useful for a working woman with kids at home like me.

Little did I know what would happen to my nails. Truth to be told, my manicure was not the best on the market, so I am sure that played a big role.

After so many problems with my nails I had to abandon completely the gel. Needless to say, my natural nails were a complete disaster.

I bought and tried everything on the market, from Alessandro to horse oil for nails.

They were so bad, breaking all the time and chapping in layers.

Almost losing all my hopes of having a beautiful hand again, I have stumbled upon this product. When I bought it I sincerely thought it was just another one, that I was bound to hide my hands forever.


Nail Hardener to the rescue! This product will strengthen and elongate your nails like a charm.

To my utmost surprise within 2 months of continued use, this product completely changed my nails. They are growing so strong and don’t break anymore. I am happy again.

I will scramble through my photos and will post later this week the before and after results. They are amazing.


And to complement the treatment I use my favourite hand cream at night. My hands looks soft and taken care of.

La Prairie Cellular Hand Cream

This hand cream is fantastic for daily use as well. It is rich without being greasy. It is intensely moisturising, age-minimising treatment . The advanced formula contains marine-derived alpha hydroxy acids that slough away dry, flaky skin, and shields skin from severe parching and moisture loss. It helps hands look smoother, firmer and much younger. It really does wonders to your hands.


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