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One of the perks of working in a Beauty & Fashion Magazine is that we are be able to try out so many products before they’ve reached the shelves.

There is an ocean of Beauty – Must – Haves out there promising  youth, skin regeneration and sometimes, even the Magical Miracle Bottle that everyone should covet for. The majority of this products fall short in results, not only letting us down but leaving us wondering what is the new Skincare product that  will  Completely Change Our Complexion.

Do you ask yourself why certain people have the most unbelievable, great skin? Is it their access to the best skincare, treatments, facials, etc.? Or are they just lucky with their genetics? Let’s be honest, it’s most likely all of the above. But you can still have great skin even if you don’t have the same budget as a Hollywood Movie Star.

You need to be wiser with your choices. Get to know your skin and invest in a product that will cater to your immediate needs. With time, your skin will become better and you will therefore be more confident and radiate happiness.

A couple of days ago we had the pleasure of meeting Charles Edouard Barthes, Founder of EviDenS de Beauté and we heard first hand how he proudly created the SAKURA Skincare Line which was inspired in his oldest Daughter Natsué.

He told us that he sees her with pride and happiness and that it is mesmerising to see his daughter blossoming and entering a new step towards womanhood. While watching over her with the tenderness of a loving father, he has created a special skincare line to reveal and protect the true natural beauty of younger women.

Through the noble ingredients the Saho reveals the true and natural beauty of young women and protects the skin from premature aging. The line consists of a gentle cleansing gel, a moisturising lotion, a serum, a light emulsion and a cream for dry skin.



From the Editor in Chief’s Desk

We’ve tried the EviDenS de Beauté SAKURA The Cream and we are simply astonished with the results.

Mr. Charles Edouard Barthes told us that he does not promise miracles with his Skincare line.  Instead, he says that his guarantee is that all of his creations are constantly being improved. What we can be assured to get with his Skincare products is superior quality and consequently the best results.

Our skin does not necessarily have the same age as we do. It can be younger or even older. Seasons and Pollutants have also a major impact on our skin texture and moisture so finding the cream that is most effective for you is a matter of the utmost importance.

Your skin care regimen in combination with the products that you use and the ammount of time that you dedicate yourself daily to it, will be the differenciation beatween a great skin and a regular skin.

No amount of make-up can mask a poorly treated skin. We only have one, so you’d better take excellent care of it. If you love make-up so much like we do, you should love equally,  perhaps even more your skincare. Perfect Skin and Flawless Make-Up walk hand in hand.

EviDenS de Beauté SAKURA is our new found love.

We tested and cannot stop using it. The results were amazing, completely beyond any expectations. I am in loss of words with the quality of this product and most of all,  with the constant effort that Mr. Charles Edouard Barthes and his team put into perfecting these formulas.

My skin is ultra sensitive, sometimes dry and it gets irritated very easily even when I use certain products from very expensive Brands. But EviDenS de Beauté SAKURA fit me like a glove. My Skin is so radiant, nurtured, supple and the closest to perfection like I have not seen in many years. Definitely a superb product worth investing your money at.


EviDenS de Beauté SAKURA The Cleansing Foam 

Extremely light, The Sakura Cleansing Foam instantly rids the skin of all impurities.

After makeup removal, It cleanses and purifies the skin in depth and helps in the elimination of dead cells, pollution and makeup residues.

The Cleansing Foam procures an incomparable soft feeling.



EviDenS de Beauté SAKURA The Lotion 

The hydration bath. Fluid and refreshing, The Sakura Lotion re-energizes the complexion and purifies the skin after cleansing.

It refines the skin texture and acts like a pre-serum. Ideal care before applying The Serum, it prepares the skin for deeper absorption of active ingredients.

Its pleasant texture leaves the epidermis soft and smooth.



EviDenS de Beauté SAKURA The Serum 


The true beauty elixir With its light creamy texture immediately absorbed, The Sakura Serum, thanks to its ultra concentrated formula, delivers to the cells of the skin all the benefits of the Sakura line active ingredients for unique in-depth action.

The skin is full of vitality, ready to receive The Sakura Cream or The Sakura Emulsion to effectively and lastingly postpone the signs of aging.



EviDenS de Beauté SAKURA The Cream

The flawless complexion enhancer.

With its unique melting texture cherished by normal to dry skin, The Sakura Cream improves the skin texture and appearance.

The hydration is maintained at an optimum level. Thanks to its active ingredients, The Cream preserves the essence of youth and acts as a protective shield against pollution and external agressions.





EviDenS de Beauté SAKURA The Emulsion 

The radiance mattifying veil.

Like a light mattifying and protective veil, its smooth texture melts into the skin with contact. The Sakura Emulsion removes excess of sebum and help fight against acne. The hydration is maintained at an optimum level for a complexion perfectly mat and non-oily.
It also acts as a shield against pollution and external agressions to preserve the essence of youth.



You can buy the new EviDenS de Beauté SAKURA Saho Skincare Line at Osswald Zürich – Bahnhofstrasse 17, 8001 Zürich – or at the comfort of your own house at www.osswald.ch









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