A kinder, gentler, healthier approach to body image

Le Sculpteur

An Intensive Contouring Care that works in reducing Cellulite

It has become more noticeable, specially during these new challenging times, the importance of your mental and physical health. With that thought in mind, we then ask you: have you been taking care of your body and mind lately? One of the great secrets in having a healthier, happier and more harmonious life is taking care of your body, mind and soul.

However, to achieve this balance, it takes dedication and constant practice. By envisioning a change in behavior that by now you are gradually acquiring, you should become aware of your state and seek inner and outer transformation. We all need to evolve constantly so how about starting your day with Meditation?

Then it comes down to H2O, yes, WATER! We could not emphasize enough the importance of water in our bodies. Drink lots of water. Drink at least two liters of water a day. If you are aiming for a healthier life, this is a prime tip. Water is responsible for hydrating, nourishing and cleaning our bodies of the toxins and impurities we ingest. Our body is made up of water, so clearly, it is essential to life! Drink juices, teas and other liquids, but nothing replaces the power of water. 

Suddenly, you find yourself asking the million dollar question: Why do I have Cellulite?  You eat healthy, have a good lifestyle, drink lots of water but still are battling some cellulite here and there, even though you exercise quite enough throughout your busy week.  Why?

Let’s get to the bottom of it, shall we? Cellulite, women’s ( and men ) # 1 enemy.  To help you better understand this process, let’s start with a brief explanation of Cellulite:

Cellulite is the popular name for ginoid lipodystrophy, which is nothing more than the deposit of fat under the skin. It is characterized by the wavy aspect of the epidermis, like “orange peel”, in some areas of the body. It affects about 95% of women after puberty, in all ethnicities, although it is more common among those with white skin. It is rarely seen in men, but it can occur when there is some hormonal imbalance. It is not considered a disease, however it is an important aesthetic concern for a large number of women. Cellulite tends to occur in areas where fat is under the influence of estrogen (female hormone), such as the hips, thighs and buttocks; it can also be seen in the breasts, lower abdomen, arms and neck – interestingly areas where the female pattern of fat deposition is observed. Obesity is not a necessary condition for its existence; there are skinny women with cellulite.

Women’s New Expectations

Sisley Paris – Le Sculpteur

Women have grown tired of the concept of the “ideal body” and prescribed standards. Today, they see their body as an ally, a vehicle for physical and mental well-being, a perfect partner able to embody health, energy and fulfilment.

A new paradigm is emerging: a better body image for a better life.

An effective product that supports a kinder, gentler, healthier approach to body image. Our body is a resource that we must preserve and respect, a lasting, daily asset that we love. This body changes and accompanies us throughout our lives.

Seven years of research culminating in the creation of this new sculpting body care

The first product designed to refine your silhouette. Its unrivaled performance provides visible results from 14 days: the appearance of dimples is diminished and the skin looks and feels more firmed and toned.

For the first time, Sisley embarked on a fundamental research partnership with a specialized team led by Professor Christophe Magnan from the University of Paris. This unprecedented association led to a patent being filed for an innovative sculpting action discovery.


Two intense and complementary daytime and night-time actions combined with Sisley key ingredients: Pink Pepper oil, Caffeine, Cedrol, and White Ginger extract as well as Mandarin extract, Andiroba oil and exopolysaccharide derived from Plankton, help with promote sculpting and toning, gradually restoring balance to the figure for a more harmonious look.

New-found harmony,
new-found energy

From 14 days, the appearance of cellulite is diminished. Skin looks smoother, firmer and seemingly sculpted.

Le Sculpteur is more than a traditional sculpting product; it “reshapes” the look of the contours and volumes of the body for a resculpted figure that looks more balanced and harmonious. With repeated application, the figure seems more defined, imperfections are minimized and the appearance of cellulite is diminished. The body, a source of physical and mental well-being, appears lastingly strengthened, toned and enhanced.


Sisley Paris – Le Sculpteur


An enhancing and firming action for a more defined looking figure.

A delightful, instantly absorbed texture.

For the first time, this sculpting care offers a unique gel-in-oil texture that allows the key ingredients to penetrate optimally. From application, the gel-in-oil emulsion provides a fresh sensation of well-being. It leaves a velvety finish and has an immediate shaping effect. It absorbs quickly into the skin so clothes can be worn immediately after application. Skin is left feeling softened, smoothed, nourished and more beautiful.


Sisley Paris – Le Sculpteur

A quick and simple application with a custom technique:

Apply Le Sculpteur morning and evening to the desired areas (legs, thighs, buttocks, stomach, hips, arms, etc.) and massage in until completely absorbed.

To complement the action of Le Sculpteur, Sisley has developed a quick and effective two-step massage technique that is specially adapted to its melting texture, which is absorbed rapidly.

1. Stimulate

This step, performed before the product is applied, helps to “wake up” the skin and make it more receptive to the product.

• Use the fingertips to vigorously pinch the areas of concern.

• With hands in fists, using the knuckles, vigorously make quick and intense motions back and forth to the area.

2. Sculpt

Apply the product, then use the following technique:

• On the legs, buttocks and hips: use both hands to make strong, dynamic presses up to the fold of the groin to stimulate.

• On the stomach and waist: place one hand on top of the other and use the fingertips to make deep clockwise circular motions about 2 to 4 in away from the navel.

• On the upper arms: use one hand to make strong, dynamic presses up to the fold of the underarm.

Le Sculpteur is an Intensive Contouring Care to shape and sculpt the look of your body as you choose and according to your needs, so you can feel good and achieve a harmonious silhouette.

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