8 fatal weapons of seduction

Scents incredibly warming, romantic, sexy and relaxed at the same time.

Highlight the different facets of your personality in a new light through the emblematic fragrances of the Collection noire. Floral, woody, gourmand, delicate, resinous… eight mythical olfactive creations brought together in colorful splashes in eight vials (4 ml), as slender as daggers. 8 fatal weapons of seduction !

Olfactory impressions
Fils de joie – Radiant, intimate, nocturnal
La fille de Berlin – Sulfurous, assertive, combatant
Ambre sultan – Authentic, sensual, mystical
Fleurs d’oranger – Luminous, enchanting, vibrant
Un bois vanille – Liquorous, velvety, gourmand
Nuit de cellophane – Elegant, silky, transparent
Féminité du bois – Mythical, honeyed, embalming
L’orpheline – Brittle, gracious, ashen

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Dissimilar though they may be, these fragrances all have something in common: they are the progeny of Serge Lutens‘ imagination. He watched over their development, session after session, from conception to the moment of their birth, when they were first used to fill a Serge Lutens spray bottle. The quality of these fragrances is remarkable. Small and ultra-portable, they can either be applied with the stopper for the sheer elegance of the gesture or sprayed on for ease and convenience.


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