7 Days Treatment for Damaged Skin

With days getting darker and colder, your skin is already suffering the damaging effects of the upcoming winter. Treat yourself with the WELEDA WILD ROSE 7 DAYS SMOOTHING BEAUTY TREATMENT to regularly pamper your skin. We know how much us gals need that extra care, right?
This blend of the finest vegetable oils is a treat, especially for stressed skin. In a short time, THE INTENSIVE, SKIN-PAMPERING OIL supports the skin’s own renewal processes.
It preserves the skin’s elasticity and reduces the signs of the first wrinkles. The efficacy and safety of the oil have been dermatologically tested.

Photo by Hannamari Rahkonen

With its effective blend of fine vegetable oils such as PEACH OIL, the gold shimmering beauty treatment is a boon, especially for stressed skin. In a short time, THE INTENSIVE OIL CURE SUPPORTS the skin’s own renewal processes and can protect against the first signs of ageing. The skin gains vibrancy and looks smoother.
The revitalizing care stimulates the growth processes of the skin. With all-natural ingredients such as the core ROSA MOSQUETA OIL FROM organic farming. It reduces first wrinkles and preserves elasticity and vitality. The noble fragrance of DAMASK ROSE harmonizes the senses. The bio-seed oil of ROSA MOSQUETA with unsaturated fatty acids support the construction processes of the skin.

Photo by Hannamari Rahkonen

Apply to clean, damp skin on the face, neck and décolleté and gently massage in.
Apply each evening for 7 days as a soothing beauty treatment.
Use as a care product over a period of 4 weeks. Apply twice a week.

TIP: There’s nothing better to boost your complexion than a gentle facial massage, so Pamper yourself now with the Weleda Wild Rose 7 Days Smoothing Beauty Treatment.
Just empty the contents of one ampoule in the palms of your hands and smooth the oil over your face. Place both hands gently on the temples and perform gentle circular movements without pressure. Repeat this gentle swipe a few times. The massage stimulates circulation and helps you relax.

The light yellow to orange-red rosehip seed oil (Rosa moschata seed oil, also called wild rose oil) is one of the active ingredient oils. It absorbs well into the skin. Rosehip oil is rich in linoleic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid. This valuable vegetable oil gives a velvety feel to the skin and is used primarily for the care of dry, chapped and flaky skin.


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